With gambling legalized countries get to earn huge revenues


Many countries that have banned gambling, especially online gambling are now rethinking their decision since with gambling legalized countries get to earn huge revenues. These revenues can be well-spent towards handling social issues such as gambling addiction, alcoholism, etc, since many countries are anyway spending a lot of money and effort in simply enforcing their ban on gambling activities.

In the United States of America, it is legal to gamble in brick-and-mortar or even in marble and granite gambling casinos as displayed by various gambling houses in Las Vegas. You can happily gamble as you play thrilling games such as craps, poker, blackjack, and even bet on state lotteries, video poker, roulette, etc. However, each state has its own rules on games that can be played legally and display a list of others that have been banned in that particular state. Pari-mutuel betting on some sports such as horse racing is also allowed in some states and other countries around the globe while many countries have legalized charitable gambling where the profits are given to non-profit organizations.

However, countries such as the USA have taken a tough decision as far as online gambling is concerned and has banned most forms of online gambling although most court rulings are still being debated upon by legal and gambling experts. In this confusion, a few states have allowed limited forms of online gambling. Other countries such as Canada do allow gambling in some of their provinces subject to certain conditions. All countries however, do have a minimum gambling age that ranges between 16 to 21 years that are applicable on both land as well as online gambling houses. Many countries do not allow online gambling where the servers of the online casino are based outside their geographical territory.

Most countries have banned gambling, especially online gambling as they fear a rise in gambling addiction even as they profess difficulty in stopping money laundering activities. However, most of these countries have now realized that banning gambling has only made it go underground even as they lose a huge chunk of money as taxes and still end up handling the problem of gambling addiction. This has led to gambling legalized debates in several countries while some countries have simply legalized few forms of gambling that have attracted low levels of controversies in the past.


If you are a gambling enthusiast with a liking for online sports betting or love to play in land or virtual casinos then you should surely scrutinize gambling laws applicable in your own state or country. You might just find your gambling money locked or your winnings seized even as miffed authorities breathe down your neck, if you do manage to play at online gambling sites without checking facts related to legalization of gambling. On the other hand, if gambling online is permitted in your country then you can conveniently enjoy betting on various games and sports, and even receive your winnings through the internet. You can truly enjoy browsing through many gambling websites but should make sure to only register and play with reputed online sites or sportsbooks.

While most countries have viewed gambling with disdain, they have also realized that it does provide an interesting form of entertainment to people as well as provide huge amounts as tax revenues. Many countries are thus rethinking their decision to ban gambling, especially online gambling, and with gambling legalized countries get to earn huge revenues even as enthusiastic players such as yourself now get a chance to happily gamble online from the comfort of your own chair.


Learn about gambling ban in your country to play safely

If you are an enthusiastic gambler that now wants to indulge in online gambling then you should learn about gambling ban in your country to play safely. Most countries and their states have frequently debated on and passed several resolutions imposing, revoking or upholding bans imposed on gambling, especially online gambling, which in turn could ensure that your money and your winnings remain safe within your online account.

Online gambling presents a unique problem to various countries since the gambling site might be located in a particular country while players might be playing in another country. Most governments also fear loss of taxes when people start receiving online winnings directly into their accounts. Some countries also fear loss of moral control over gamblers that might get addicted to online gambling due to lack of any control or legislation. A few countries have thus ended up banning online gambling altogether while others have imposed restrictions on some forms of gambling while allowing players to gamble freely in others.

If you want to visit online casinos or want to indulge in online sports betting then you should certainly get updated on the latest information on any form of gambling ban imposed on your desired form of gambling. While most gambling sites post general information on bans, it is upon you to check if any ban is imposed on playing online craps, online slot machines, online poker or online blackjack games, among others since in case you manage to win a lot of money then you should be able to receive that amount in your bank account in your own country without contravening any gambling laws of your country. You just might find your winnings getting seized by the authorities or might find yourself on the wrong side of the law even before you have a chance to celebrate your online win.

Several states in the USA that had previously banned online gambling are now thinking of diluting or revoking such bans due to loss of revenue as several websites had shifted their operations to offshore locations. However, other countries too have changed their laws regarding allowing or banning specific forms of gambling and you should first check if betting on any online game or sport is banned in your country before you put up any deposit in any gambling site or try to en-cash your winnings. You should also check on taxes that would be applicable on your winnings since you certainly would not like a call from your tax man once you receive your winnings. You should visit online forums and blogs, and read regular gambling articles to stay updated on the latest happenings in the online gambling world so that you can bet, win, and spend your money in a safe and legal manner.

If you are thinking of moving your passion for gambling to online sites then you should remember to stay on the right side of gambling laws in your country before you move your mouse towards gambling sites. It is very important to understand if your country has imposed a gambling ban on some or all forms of online gambling since your money and your freedom should remain secure when you happily gamble on various games and sports in the virtual world.

Free Casino

A number of free casino options are available online.

Some Las Vegas hotel-casino has sponsored a free casino online to allow players to practice their favorite casino games. For those who have never played in a casino setting before, it will be a chance to learn about the casino game and practice them. Once the players familiarize themselves with the game, they can go to real casinos and play the free casino games they have practiced in an actual casino setting.

Free casino games are also offered by casinos in order to have a wider reach of audience. Free casino is a promotional tool to advertise the land-based casinos and hopefully attract players to their place. Free casino could also provide you a break from the daily monotony of life. It is a respite to the daily routine. Free casino is a fun and entertaining way to spend time without having to dish out money for a vacation.

Free casino lets you have all the fun without the risk of losing money since it is absolutely free of charge.

Those hardcore casino players will find haven in the free casino gambling provided online. They can play to their heart’s content without having to spend a nickel. Although these free casino websites might offer less challenges compared to those land-based casinos but they still serve a purpose just the same. One thing to watch out for in free casino website is the need to disclose personal details for membership purposes. This could be a potential hazard considering personal details have to be confidential. Make sure that you fill out your personal information in a secure site.

Free casino websites must not sell or share your personal data. That is one factor you need to consider before using free casino gaming websites. Customer service in free casino websites is practically non-existent. So you have to make do with what is provided in the site and not bother to go into details. Some free casino offers prizes to the players to attract more visitors to their websites. Others do not have prizes at all.

Land-based casinos also offer free casino games to patrons especially those who join in their exclusive clubs. Casinos often give coupons that allow you to play free casino games every time you use the membership card. The prizes you will win using the fee casino game coupon are yours to keep. The more you play using the membership cards the more points you will accumulate allowing you in turn to avail of more free casino games.

Once the points you have accumulated reach a certain level, you get to exchange it for rewards or benefits too such as invitation to exclusive shows, events or tournaments, discounts in restaurants and hotel accommodations, free merchandises, cash back and many others. Most casinos use this method as a promotional tool to boost the casino attendance and playing.

Free casino is fun way to have entertainment without boring a hole through your pocket. It is as good as the real thing. And entirely risk-free.

Online Roulette and Poker

Casino gambling is a game of odds and bets where your chances of winning depend on the house advantage level. The only way for you to win is to play casino games where the house advantage is relatively low. Therefore, winning in online gambling is merely playing the right games at the right casinos.

Online roulette and poker are two of the best casino games with the lowest potential for casino advantage. This means that you have a greater chance of maximizing your winnings or minimizing your losses by playing online roulette and poker.

Below are some great casinos where you can play online roulette and poker.

5dimes.com – Online Roulette and Poker

Developed by 5dimes Entertainment Group, the 5dimes Casino has overall pay out percentage of 100.30%, thus assuring you that you get your maximum winnings in online roulette and poker. The software is free for download and features a hundred games of Vegas-style gambling.

CasinoKingdom.com – Online Roulette and Poker

When you sign up to play online roulette and poker at Casino Kingdom, you get a chance to get $16 free with no deposit required. Simply download their free software and install it into your PC. Get a total of 98.47% pay out assurance when you play online roulette and poker at this site.

5dimes.com – Online Roulette and Poker

Download the 5dimes Casino software and play online roulette and poker for a bonus price of $100 free. The 5dimes Casino offers a pay out percentage of 98.11% for their online roulette and poker games.

KingNeptunesCasino.com – Online Roulette and Poker

King Neptune’s Casino is an eCOGRA-accredited online casino where you can play online roulette and poker. This casino is known for its prompt pay outs with percentages up to 97.98%. The King Neptune’s Casino software is available for free download.

OmniCasino.com – Online Roulette and Poker

The Omni Casino offers online roulette and poker games for download. Or if you don’t want the hassle of downloading any software, you can try out their games for instant play completely without charge. The website also offers free CD casino software which you can order online. When you sign up with this online casino, you get a bonus of up to $100 in free cash. With a pay out percentage of 97.69%, you are sure to maximize your winnings in online roulette and poker.

ChallengeCasino.com – Online Roulette and Poker

Challenge Casino has an overall pay out percentage of 97.58% and offers a free bonus of up to $1000. You can play their over 100 casino games including online roulette and poker which you can download or preview.

Introducing virtual gambling

Virtual gambling has become very famous in the present society. Virtual gambling has attracted many people around the world because of the comfort and easy to play option that it provides to its customers. People not need to travel here and there for playing casino games. Now they just need to switch on their computer and connect to the internet to play casino games right from their homes. A player is assured of fair and honest gambling and can play all types of games like roulette, craps, slots, poker, bingo blackjack etc. Players not only get attractive offers but they also get chance to improve their betting skills with virtual gambling. There is also option of free online casino games where novices can play and learn the techniques of gambling without losing their money.
Virtual gambling is managed from Asian, European and Caribbean countries. Some of these countries also use different languages to promote the customers from different parts of the world.

What are the pros of virtual gambling?

A player gets chance to gamble from his home. He does not need to stay in long lines and wait for his turn at the gambling table. He also not needs to wait for his competitor to play with as virtual gambling casinos are never close.

Players get chance to play anytime and anywhere according to their choice.

The payouts of virtual gambling are always more than traditional gambling games.
There is no travel expenditure on virtual gambling.

Players don’t have any specific dress code for virtual gambling

Virtual gambling offers maximum security and excellent customer support team to the players. It is totally reputable and reliable form of gambling.

Different cons of virtual gambling

Players should be careful when betting in virtual gambling because making money ten times faster is as easy as losing them.

The bookmaker’s spread tends to be a bit wider in comparison to the commission paid to a stockbroker.

A player needs to pay on the entire position in virtual gambling.

Players can lose more than their initial deposit.

Virtual gambling is very volatile and one can suffer huge loses if market goes opposite to his position. In addition there is no relief for loses.
Virtual gambling games are of specific period and cannot be carried after that period. In this situation one has the option of closing that bet and opening a new bet.

Virtual gambling provides an additional opportunity for generating gambling profits. Players can make more money with this type of gambling. One can get the benefits of virtual gambling if he goes through the information and suggestions given for it. A player should know to take advantage of lower house odds. They also need to see the sign-up bonuses offered by the site. It is also good to know virtual gambling strategies and efficient gambling tools to get best results in virtual gambling. Because of various attractive virtual gambling options more and more gamblers are getting attracted to virtual gambling.

What Are RNG In Online Casino Slots?

Slot machines are really a big deal in all Las Vegas casinos. The lights, the sound, it all feels like you’re in a movie or something. Then, came the age of technology and along with it brought the age of the Internet.

It’s really not that easy for everyone to visit casinos in the middle of the desert just to have some fun and this is exactly where the Internet comes into the picture. We’re talking about online casinos and they too have a wide variety of games to offer.

They’d include some games like blackjack, poker, craps, roulette and the slot machines. Now we know how the card games work, but what about the slots? I mean, you just pull down a lever and it starts working. Is it as simple as that? The answer is pretty much a “NO”. The online casino slots work because of the RNG, i.e., Random Number Generator. If you’re not able to pick the logic behind the workings of an online slot machine, it’s going to cost you a lot of money. The logic is the RNG itself. So what you need to know about the RNG is how to calculate the numbers and assure a jackpot for yourself. Let’s start off by explaining what exactly a RNG is, shall we?

The RNG is nothing but a small microprocessor that helps in calculating the winning arrangement on the slot reels. And the rate of generating combinations of numbers is around hundred combinations a second. The tricky part about the online slots is that even if you’re not playing it, the combinations are still being calculated. One thing that you may not be aware of is that the online casino sets the percentage of payout on a long term basis.

The surprising fact very few gamblers know is that the reels on the slots are only served as a decoration. And you’ll be even more surprised to know that it’s not up to the reels that decide the winning combination at all.

The Random Number Generator is more like a computer program. This statement becomes more than obvious since the software is packed with a set of instructions in order to generate certain numbers which is in the form of an algorithm or a simple formula. You are bound to come across many combinations wherein every set of combination is termed as a cycle. However, at the same time, it would be pretty unwise of you to think that the RNG has winning and losing cycles.

As the name suggests, the RNG selects numbers randomly based on any particular symbol on the reel in order to create a final combination. Actually if you look to see, you’ll find out that the symbols do not play any role at all, its simple role is to make us, the online gamblers, visually see whether we’ve won or lost a game.

This becomes more than evident when you see that the symbol can come up once, twice, thrice or never; it simply doesn’t make any difference to the RNG. RNG is like the nuclei of any slot machine, online or even traditional and when it comes to winning or losing, it plays a rather crucial role.

Why is online gambling guide important?

Online gambling guide becomes important for those who gamble through the internet as there are so many online gambling sites all having different rules and offers for their players. A number of gamblers don’t go through the online gambling guide thinking it the wastage of time but there are few players who go through the suggestions and methods given in the online gambling guide to get positive result in the games they choose.

Online gambling guide for Beginners

An online gambling guide is very helpful for anyone entering for the first time in the world of gambling. With the help of online gambling guide novices can choose the right game for them. As we all know that there are number of games some fit for aggressive players and some for general players so before selecting the game one must study the descriptions of it. If there are option for free games then freshers should play them as these are the best way to understand the methodology of the game without risk of losing money.

The online gambling guide also helps in understanding the working process of odds so that players can play by the numbers with the casino games. The players can know how the odds are stacked and what the risk of a game is. They get the idea of short run and also when to stop when playing blackjack and roulette casino games. Any player desiring to get decent amount of cash from these games should know that not a single strategy can hit games of chances every time and he should used different strategies for vest winning options. The house edge of online gambling sites differs according to the games and a player cannot know about it without registering and playing the game.

A player should also have the knowledge of responsible gaming. A responsible gaming is that where players have idea about how much money and time they have spent on online gaming. There are some gambling sites which uses a few safeguards for responsible gambling.

An online gambling guide also helps players to know about the reliability and track record of a gambling site. Though the gambling industry has progressed a lot but there is also found scams and unlawful practices which players should know about before entering in an online casino.
It is also good to know about the customers support team of any gambling site because this team helps a player to solve out his all types of problems. With the help of gambling guide players can know the efficiency of customer service of any site.

The online gambling guide also gives idea about the interactive gaming council which is a regulatory body and forces all online gambling sites to follow its code of practice. Players can complain against any member of online casino who is engaged in questionable practices.
As online gambling is growing at a fast rate and nothing is predictable about the winning of a player it is the online gambling guide which can help and increase the chances of winning of a player to some extent.

Understanding offshore gambling

Offshore gambling offers fabulous opportunities both to the gamblers and the gambling house equally. Offshore gambling is popular all over the world. The online offshore gambling industry runs from the small island nations in Central America and Caribbean. Antigua Barbuda, Costa Rica, Jamaica, panama, Dominican republic etc. are some of the nations from where offshore gambling business runs. These nations follow the laws made for online offshore gambling to run their business. Isle of Man and Gibraltar are well known for online gambling and offshore sport gambling. These two are preferred by companies offering gambling avenues on the internet. In these two locations tax is low and gambling is legal and regulated.

Tips for offshore gambling

There are a few things which should be remembered when going for offshore gambling.

The very important thing to start offshore gambling is to select a right online sportsbook.

As there are more than thousand sportsbooks available on the net out of which most are of low quality so it necessary to get the right quality sportsbooks. A person is paid fast and without any trouble when winning a bet with high quality sportsbooks. A person having no idea about sportsbooks can go through the list of sportsbooks displayed on the websites. It is also recommended to go through the reviews given by professional players about the sportsbooks and about offshore gambling. After getting the right sportsbooks a novice needs to create an account. An account is created by filling up all the required information. A person can also open his account by a phone. After creating an account one needs to deposit money in the offshore gambling account. The deposit options can vary with the sportsbooks so one should know the methods of deposition on various sportsbooks. The methods can be known by clicking on the deposit link or on the cashier. Visa, mastercard, western union are the most known way of money deposition on various sportsbooks and neteller, firepay, moneybookers are common money transfer companies.

The next step is to place wager. Every sportsbooks contain easily usable wagering menu. The wagering menu is simple and small so players and bet quickly with any problem. At the end of the game a player can login to see his account balance. A player should keep record of all his offshore gambling transactions, track performance, betting trends so that he can go through them whenever required.

Reason behind offshore gambling development

Offshore gambling can be done only if having internet connection that provides extraordinary options to the gamblers. The online offshore gambling is very profitable business as it can be carried on without the permission of a country. The inventions of cell phone and laptops has also played great role in developing the offshore gambling as now gamblers can gamble from any part of the world. One of the reasons of popularity of offshore gambling is the licensing methods due to which a company can get license from one nation, can locate the server in other nation and fulfill the needs of customers from other nation. This makes difficult for governments of the different nations to regulate offshore gambling activities. At present the offshore gambling is doing business of three hundred billion dollars in the whole world out of which only twenty billion dollar business is legal.

Popularity of macau gambling

Macau gambling industry is also famous as Asia’s las vegas. In last few years macus gambling has reach to the height in Asia. In the year 1850 gambling was legalized in macau and since then many foreign and domestic corporations have invested in macau gambling industry. Visitors from hong kong and china generally visit macau casinos. Today gambling and tourism have become the main source of income of macau.
A number of casinos are found in macau. These all gambling house are operated as per governments rule and regulations. There are also some casinos which run run twenty four hours a day. Roulette, blackjack, sic bo, boule, Fan-Tan, baccarat and keno are some of the most popular games found in almost every casino of macau. Casino Lisboa is the biggest casino in macau spread in four story building. It is said that visiting to macau is incomplete for he who does not go any of the casinos running there.

A few famous macau gambling places

Casino Lisboa Macau is macau’s iconic gambling house. This was the only casino in macau for many years and has created its reputation on the globe.

Grand Lisboa is another famous gambling hous of macau. This is lotus shaped 250m high in front of good-old Lisboa. Here also people will find a large variety of games with buffet restaurant.

Wynn Macau is around the corner of the Lisboa,. It is spread in 100,000 square feet. One can also enjoy Italian food here along with exciting casino games.

Sands Macau is visible for every point where it is situated. It was the worlds largest casino until the opening of Venetian in the year 2007. Sands Macau is macau’s most attractive casinos.

City of dreams is the new casino in macau. It is best for mid range gamblers. This one of the reason for it popularity as the average range tourist visit here to try their luck.

The Venetian is the world’s largest casino and is spread in about 600,000 square feet. One will find here 3,400 slot machines and 800 gambling tables, spread across four themed gaming areas.

Rules for Macau gambling

As in other places there are also some rules for macu gambling which applicable on all and should be strictly followed. Any one who wants to play in casinos in macau should know
The minimum age for gambling in macsu is 18 years for the visitors and 21 years for those residing in macau.
No one can handle laptops, bags, cameras in any casino in macau.

There is also dress code which can vary depending on casinos. In general shorts, sleeveless tops, flip flops are not allowed. The rules for dress are same for men and women.

The legal tender in macus gambling is Hong Kong dollar and not the macau pataca.

Today gambling has spread in the whole world and even a small island is that is macau is known as the Mecca for gamblers. Money is flowing in macau due to macau gambling industry. The development of macau casinos and number of visitors to this place for gambling will soon make macau las vegas of asia.

Information about legal online gambling

Legal online gambling is a topic of concern in the present circumstances. Every one whether or not interested in gambling should know about the legal online gambling. Online gambling is a type of gambling done through internet. The online gambling sites are accessible from any part of the world and from any person knowing to operate computer. There are various online gambling sites which offer different types of games to the people of different places all over the world. These websites offer huge bonuses which attract people and they get into gambling to check their luck and earn profits. In addition to legal online gambling reliability and trust are the two major questions related to online gambling sites. In an online gambling site there are web based casinos, download based casinos and live based casinos. In a web based casino sites players can gamble without downloading the software. In download based casinos player first needs to download the software and then start the game. In live-based casinos players play live and can interact, chat and see the other players playing with them.

The technology and issues behind legal online gambling is still far in many places. This is because many are not certain about the benefits of legal online gambling. They think that legal gambling act will increase the illegal activities. It will also drive those people in the gambling world who don’t gamble. The different states governments’ opinion also differs on this topic from strong opposition to indifference and whole hearted support. But the efforts are being made to make online gambling legal all over the world on the basis of each jurisdiction. The legislative acts are prepared aiming operators and facilitators of the gambling sites. This means that a player has right to play from any legal online gambling site without thinking about the place. Although he cannot be able to play at those casinos which are not legal for taking a player’s business.

Benefits of legal online gambling

There are controversies among the people whether a legal online gambling is beneficial or not. Most of the nations of the world have countered several benefits of legal online gambling. The European union and the united kingdom are among those who see legal online gambling as a advantage for a place. With a legalization of gambling the standards for the industry can be developed and be implemented. It will also help in identifying problem gamblers and offered assistance. As all are invited or can visit online gambling sites so legalization of gambling can stop those who are under age or have no right to play from that place. Legal online gambling act also provides protection to the customers against criminal online gambling. With legal online gambling players can carry on gambling online and the financial bonus to the government from regulation and taxation can be massive.

But the sad part is that the legal online gambling is on floor in many places and online gambling is running in its pace in those places. So it becomes hard to answer having a legal online gambling is good or bad for a country.