Popularity of macau gambling

Macau gambling industry is also famous as Asia’s las vegas. In last few years macus gambling has reach to the height in Asia. In the year 1850 gambling was legalized in macau and since then many foreign and domestic corporations have invested in macau gambling industry. Visitors from hong kong and china generally visit macau casinos. Today gambling and tourism have become the main source of income of macau.
A number of casinos are found in macau. These all gambling house are operated as per governments rule and regulations. There are also some casinos which run run twenty four hours a day. Roulette, blackjack, sic bo, boule, Fan-Tan, baccarat and keno are some of the most popular games found in almost every casino of macau. Casino Lisboa is the biggest casino in macau spread in four story building. It is said that visiting to macau is incomplete for he who does not go any of the casinos running there.

A few famous macau gambling places

Casino Lisboa Macau is macau’s iconic gambling house. This was the only casino in macau for many years and has created its reputation on the globe.

Grand Lisboa is another famous gambling hous of macau. This is lotus shaped 250m high in front of good-old Lisboa. Here also people will find a large variety of games with buffet restaurant.

Wynn Macau is around the corner of the Lisboa,. It is spread in 100,000 square feet. One can also enjoy Italian food here along with exciting casino games.

Sands Macau is visible for every point where it is situated. It was the worlds largest casino until the opening of Venetian in the year 2007. Sands Macau is macau’s most attractive casinos.

City of dreams is the new casino in macau. It is best for mid range gamblers. This one of the reason for it popularity as the average range tourist visit here to try their luck.

The Venetian is the world’s largest casino and is spread in about 600,000 square feet. One will find here 3,400 slot machines and 800 gambling tables, spread across four themed gaming areas.

Rules for Macau gambling

As in other places there are also some rules for macu gambling which applicable on all and should be strictly followed. Any one who wants to play in casinos in macau should know
The minimum age for gambling in macsu is 18 years for the visitors and 21 years for those residing in macau.
No one can handle laptops, bags, cameras in any casino in macau.

There is also dress code which can vary depending on casinos. In general shorts, sleeveless tops, flip flops are not allowed. The rules for dress are same for men and women.

The legal tender in macus gambling is Hong Kong dollar and not the macau pataca.

Today gambling has spread in the whole world and even a small island is that is macau is known as the Mecca for gamblers. Money is flowing in macau due to macau gambling industry. The development of macau casinos and number of visitors to this place for gambling will soon make macau las vegas of asia.